Hi, I'm Nick!

I'm a developer from Wales, currently travelling in Asia.
I build projects to solve problems using HTML5, CSS, Javascript and React.

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Hi! My name is Nick Blomberg; I'm a Software Developer from Wales. I'm currently on a sabbatical - travelling around the world, searching for new experiences and opportunities to grow. Upcoming travel plans include 3 months trekking and volunteering in Nepal.

I'm building personal projects whilst on the road, primarily using Javascript and React. Previously, I have worked as a web developer for Red Hat. I was responsible for a custom Project Service Automation tool used by the Services organisation in EMEA and APAC.

A potrait of Nick Blomberg


Personal website project screenshot

Personal Website


This project involved building my personal website using static HTML and CSS. I learned how to use SASS to write styling in a more flexible format. I also incorporated Gulp to automate tedious build tasks.